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The Ghost War
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Tommy was acutely aware of a strange sticky substance trickling from his hair. He wondered what it was, but neither Jack nor Chris had given any indication that they had heard anything. Reflexively, Tommy wiped his neck. "What was that for?" offered Chris, clearly dumbfounded.
"There was something on my neck. I don't know what, but... something." Tommy looked at his hand. Apart from a small pocket of sweat between his wrist and his little finger, in the ball of the palm, his hand was bone dry. But there had been something.
Jack was staring outside the kitchen window. Tommy finished his coffee and set the mug, bright blue, besides three others. Chris' mug was already empty, and he was on his hands and knees peeling back the carpet in search of hidden hatches or such. There was a small quantity of lukewarm cappuccino missing from Jack's cup, but, rather melancholily, another cup was left untouched. Em should have been drinking from that cup. Alas, no more.
"Have you guys noticed something?" Both Tommy and Jack turned to stare at Chris.
"What?" replied Jack, curious, but in reality both he and Tommy knew full well what Chris was referring to. Though it was barely midday, the room had become unnaturally quiet. With a sigh, Jack strolled to the lightswitch and flicked it. Nothing happened. He pressed it a few more times, but all he got was a vague flicker, just for a second. And the room was still getting darker. A peculiar chill had descended.

"Chris, get over here!" Jack didn't want to see another friend vanish, and he wanted Chris to stay close. And Tommy. None of them were going to leave the room until parity had been restored. Jack looked warily around, and saw nothing. Then, as his eyes passed the mirror, his heart stopped. Unmistakeably written in blood were the words 'Get Out!'. "Here, Chris, take a look at this." Chris and Tommy both peered over to have a look. Chris was stoically silent, but a muffled sound told Jack that Tommy had stifled a cry of shock. Things were getting hairy.

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The Forums » The Forums » English Language » The Ghost War (Chapter 2, Part 3)
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