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Hogocaust survival (Charlie)
smokeynova Date: Friday, 20-May-11, 22:21 | Message # 1
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Today we had to split up, there were 3 alleys, each too narrow for all of us to cover. I took the left path. The alley was dark and cold. It was raining. Hard. puddles grew, and it seemed as though the alley was going to flood. 5 minutes in and I was getting suspicious, where were all the hogs? There was a sharp corner up ahead, I crouched and made my way round it. Then I saw it. A group of about 9 or 10 hogs feasting upon a short Chinese man. The hogs all spun round and stared at me simultaneously. They all charged at me but in the short space there numbers counted for nothing. I shot each of them between the eyes killing it instantly, apart from the last one. It pounced, and launched through the air towards me. I planted several bullets into it's chest and just as I thought it was too late, It fell limp and collapsed on top of me. I shoved the Hog off me and got up. I continued down the alley and soon found the exit. I realised that there were only two exits, mine and one other. I waited for the others and listened to gunshots emmiting from the alley. Wondering what the hell was going on......

kingfishertom Date: Saturday, 21-May-11, 09:24 | Message # 2
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Nice detail wink


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Halfbrick Date: Saturday, 21-May-11, 10:23 | Message # 3
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Spelling is a tad confusing, but I like it. No wait, I LOVE it!

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The Forums » The Forums » English Language » Hogocaust survival (Charlie) ('Welcome to the slaughter house' pt 14)
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