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Chat is now available on the chat section and at the bottom of the page.
Views: 362 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 10-May-11 | Comments (1)

Hi everybody if want to see the spoof ending of the Hamocaust Survival its exclusive to my new website http://hamocaust.ucoz.com/
Please sign up and bear in mind that it's not fully completed and PM me if you think I should add anything, thanks. :)
Views: 346 | Added by: smokeynova | Date: 07-April-11 | Comments (0)

We need to cut down on the amount of members. We have so many accounts people never use. Therefore, every member who has done nothing for this website (got a zero count in all features) WILL be deleted at the end of the month. You have been warned.
Views: 337 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 03-April-11 | Comments (0)

The new rules come into effect today (1st April 2011). They include:
  • Minimum three words per post.
  • No replies in topics more than ten days old.

Views: 365 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 01-April-11 | Comments (3)

I would like to congratulate our new admin, smokeynova, on his promotion. Let us hope he'll breathe new life into the site.
Views: 303 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 30-March-11 | Comments (1)

We're on Google! Just type into google, "tootsiesclaw" and it comes up at the top of the search results! Oh, frabjous day, calloo, callay (who knew what Halfbrick meant).
Views: 343 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 14-March-11 | Comments (0)

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