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Hello and welcome to Tootsie's Claw.
If you are reading this it means you have returned to the fold. I say good for you!
Views: 898 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 12-July-12 | Comments (1)

I shall be refreshing the website soon!
Hopefully TootsiesClaw2012 will be bigger and better than ever.
Watch this space.
Views: 856 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 08-December-11 | Comments (2)

Don't block them Halfbrick. Block me. They are just misguided idiots who believe they are messengers for the evil, rubbish quality, tacky Marvel comic series. They only followed their heart, telling them to do what is RIGHT! They were only stating their own opinion. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion. Dont block me, block THEM.

Views: 844 | Added by: tedward00 | Date: 01-July-11 | Comments (1)

If you are reading this, I know you can help. I am getting extremely bored on the website forums as no-one is posting much. I'm on the edge of website madness, so I require your urgent assistance- immediately!

PLEASE- POST MORE! (Especially you, fellow admins)

Views: 772 | Added by: silverfoxmedia | Date: 17-June-11 | Comments (0)

hi folks! sorry it's late, but the second part of my latest story "Arson" is now out! Please read it! You may now be able to guess a bit more of what's going on (it's still pretty much a mystery). It is a flashback of what happened on the day that Jake's family died.
Views: 897 | Added by: silverfoxmedia | Date: 13-June-11 | Comments (0)

The End of the Hogocaust is nigh!!! 

Roll on the APIGALYPSE!!!
Views: 916 | Added by: smokeynova | Date: 03-June-11 | Comments (1)

I (Halfbrick) have created a wiki for the website, which can be found at Join and edit now, guys. It's all about Tootsie's Claw (well, part about it)
Views: 10874 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 27-May-11 | Comments (11)

Please check new rules Halfbrick has posted (with consent from all admins)
Views: 1079 | Added by: silverfoxmedia | Date: 18-May-11 | Comments (5)

Important notice to Ben/Silverfoxmedia!

Are you going to Emma's party on Sunday????

Leave a comment, or PM me as soon as possible!

Please! Thank-you!

Views: 1161 | Added by: SmithInc | Date: 12-May-11 | Comments (4)

I would like to congratulate SmithInc on his success today. Well done SmithInc!
Views: 631 | Added by: Halfbrick | Date: 11-May-11 | Comments (5)

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