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The death of the ladybird part 9!!!!!!!!!
tedward00 Date: Friday, 13-May-11, 21:33 | Message # 1
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The 3 didn't even notice Manny and Beatrice climb back on board. They were too busy trying to resuscitate Toelem. They tried and tried and tried for 30 minutes but it was too late. "" whimpered Beatrice.The 5 decided that nothing more could be done. They stood for 5 minutes, standing over Toelems dead body.

"Thats it!" Screamed Manny. "Im done, Im done, IM DONE! I can't take this any more," he continued. "Toelem was killed and he's a freaking ANGEL. I QUIT!"

Manny the grasshopper bounded for the door. But Rakkstar the hell bunny burst into the way.
"You are not leaving this Jet, you don't know how many are still out there!" He shouted.
"What does it matter? We are just going to die anyway!"
"Guys! Stop it," butted in Tony. " If you continue to argue we will die."
"Sorry," said Rakkstar, "I am going to fly this ship back to the nearest gateway to hell."

The Jet took off and began heading away. Suddenly a huge tear appeared at the side of the ship. They began to plummet. The Jet crashed in a forest far away. The motley crew bumbled out, still weary from the crash. Death bunny bodies lay all around.
"Well, I think they could explain the crash." Said Beatrice, staring at the corpses. The crew found a deep cave and sat inside.
"So, We have no communication available, we have no means of travel to get back and even if we did the BLOODY DEATH BUNNIES WOULD KILL US!" Belted Rakkstar.
"Well then lets face facts guys, were in for a looong stay here," said Kingfisher, staring at he ground.

If they only knew how long. Read part 10 for "THE FINAL CHAPTER"

smokeynova Date: Friday, 13-May-11, 21:38 | Message # 2
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awesome, dats quite coolios

Halfbrick Date: Monday, 16-May-11, 08:20 | Message # 3
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I'm guessing they either win or there is a massacre, considering how many of them are left for one chapter. But I like it. When is the next chapter out?

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The Forums » The Forums » English Language » The death of the ladybird part 9!!!!!!!!! (Its back and soon to end)
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